Support community safety and human rights by demilitarizing the police

For years, the Pentagon’s obscure '1033 Program' has transferred billions of dollars of military weapons and equipment to civilian police forces, fueling human rights abuses against Black people and other communities of color in the US.

Right now, the Senate is considering a bipartisan amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)  the annual "must-pass" bill that funds the military – that would ban the Department of Defense from giving dangerous weapons of war to civilian police.

This is a critical opportunity that lays the groundwork for the eventual repeal of the 1033 Program, which has a documented history of making people less safe in the predominantly Black communities where these weapons are most frequently deployed.

That's why we are calling on Senators to take action NOW to amend this year's NDAA to get these weapons of war off our streets.Your Senators need to hear from you that YOU want them to demilitarize local police by voting 'YES' on Schatz-Murkowski-Harris-Paul Amendment 2252.

In recent weeks, our screens have been filled with images of police across the country brazenly using tear gas and other weaponry received via the 1033 Program against peaceful protesters for Black lives. It is long past time for this to end.

Right now, we have the opportunity to reverse the trend of militarization of our police. Send a letter to your Senators asking them to VOTE YES to demilitarize the police in this year's NDAA.

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